• me when i eat fruits: i'm so fucking healthy
Whats so great about your girlfriend? Just curious.

Well I’ve been saving this question for quite some time… There is just so much that i can say and i wanted to think of a perfect way to put it. Haley is no ordinary girl. She is annoying and mean and drives me crazy and frankly sometimes i absolutely can’t stand her. We argue and fuss over the most ridiculous of things and have two completely different opinions no matter what we may be talking about. Our relationship is not perfect by any means and it has its rises and falls, but honestly i wouldn’t trade it for the world. Haley may be a brat but she is also very funny and has an amazing personality and has this way she looks when she talks that drives me to my knees. If she isn’t the epitome of beauty then epitome needs a new definition because she makes my jaw drop every time i see her (yes, even when she has no make up and is just getting out of bed). The way she holds herself makes one think she is the most confident and strong girl that ever walked the earth. She is the love of my life and i couldn’t go a day without her. She makes me laugh and happy when i’m feeling down and I do the same for her because hearing her laugh or seeing her smile is like being born into a new life of perfection and beauty. She is so loving (when she wants to be!) and will make you feel like only you matter. She is mean and all, but she has nice streaks that catch you off guard and all you want to do is kiss her. Her hugs make you feel invincible and nothing can stand in your way. Haley in short is the perfection i need in my life and i love her more than i love anything else. One cannot ask what is so great about her because that is just what she is… just great! 


roses can be red 

violets aren’t fucking blue

this is an actual correct poem

bottom line: i’d like to fuck you

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Simon Cowell is so rich why does it feel like he only owns white shirts from Walmart

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